We're excited to share our first ever Trans Justice Voter Guide! This voter guide is a collaboration with Gender Justice League as a part of our Trans Justice Voting Project supported by King County Elections and the Seattle Foundation. While this is a non-profit, non partisan prepared guide we focused our questions on issues that matter most to trans and gender nonconforming folks. We know that this focuses just on a few races happening in Seattle; it's our hope that this is just the first of many voter guides and we plan to expand our guide to more cities and more races in the future. Check out the full guide at the link down below! Need a replacement ballot or having trouble finding the nearest dropbox to you? Don't worry King County Elections has you covered - check them out here. Have questions about this guide or want some printed guides to share with friends and community? You can reach us via email at info@ingersollgnedercenter.org.

Don't forget to return your ballot by Tuesday, November 7th!

Trans Justice Voting Guide 2017

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