Health Care Providers

We know that finding healthcare providers is a complicated and daunting process for many in our community. We’re here to help with that process! First, check out our section on how to find a health care provider. The most important thing in finding a health care provider is that they work for you. We encourage you to be picky! Shop around. Do your research.

Beginning in May of 2017 we will be instituting a new health care provider survey. We hope that this survey answers many of the questions folks in our communities have for health care providers. Health Care providers have until July 15th, 2017 to submit their answers to our survey; after that we’ll be removing folks who don’t respond. Please be patient as we update our database with those responses. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to providers with any questions you may have. We hope that our survey answers many of your questions, but there might be other questions specific to your situation that you would like to have answered; you should feel free to reach out to providers as most medical and mental health providers are happy to respond to any questions you may have.

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Name Type City Specialties Insurance Sliding Scale Payment Options
Teresa Guajardo, MA, LMHC Mental Health Olympia Individual mental health counseling, gender transition, trauma Out of network only Yes Cash, Credit/Debit More Info
The Hearing Speech and Deafness Center Seattle No Cash, Credit/Debit, Check More Info
The Vocalist Studio, LLC Medical Seattle Voice Therapy, Voice Strengthening & Singing n/a No Cash, Credit/Debit, Check More Info
Tiger Lily Yoga Medical Seattle No Cash, Credit/Debit, Check More Info
Tom Freeman, LMFT Mental Health Bellevue Gender; sexuality; depression; anxiety Aetna, Cigna Healthcare, First Choice Health, Kaiser Permanente (formerly Group Health) PPO, Optum Behavioral Health, Premera (Blue Cross), Regence (BlueShield), United Healthcare, and Tricare/Triwest No Cash, Credit/Debit More Info
Tyler Stewart Mental Health Olympia Children, Couples, Genderqueer/Gender Variant, Teens Yes Cash, Check More Info
Wendy Enden Mental Health Renton Mental Health none Yes Cash, Credit/Debit, Check More Info
Zachary Annen, ARNP Medical Seattle Group Health, Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, United Healthcare, Apple Health Plans, Coordinated Care, Great-West, Medicare, Uniform Yes Cash, Credit/Debit, Check More Info
Zarah Kushner Mental Health Seattle Psychiatry/Psychotherapy Regence, Premera, First Choice No Cash, Credit/Debit More Info

Ingersoll Gender Center's provider database is for reference purposes only. Ingersoll Gender Center is not liable for the quality of service and treatment you may receive. By offering this database, Ingersoll Gender Center in no way endorses the use of a particular provider or health care professional's services. Ingersoll Gender Center makes no representations, and assumes no obligations, regarding the choice or quality of treatment (medical or otherwise) one may receive through any listed provider. We hope that our provider survey helps you make find a health care provider that works for you. If you have any questions about the process of finding a healthcare provider or would like to see us add a question to next year's health care provider survey please email us at