Our People



Anis Gisele

Operations and Programs Assistant

Anis is Ingersoll's first Operations and Programs Assistant! They use their Type A powers only for good. They are queer, non binary, disabled, Filipinx, and magic - and they are grateful to work at a place where they don't have to hide. When not fussing over commas (don't hate them), they can be spotted crying like a Hufflepuff, cheering for you at your show, or dancing somewhere with mild to moderate abandon. They would love to connect with fellow operations wizards - please send them an introductory gif at anis@ingersollgendercenter.org.


Ebo Barton

Program Manager

Ebo Barton still considers themselves a Los Angeleno even after living in Seattle for 11 years, because they still don't understand how to exist in snow or rain... if they are being absolutely honest. They've been involved in community work for the past 6 years in many different capacities, from educator to youth worker to program manager. Their desire to work with people they know to unlock systems that were designed to keep people that look like them out and help people simply live a life that they want is what keeps them going every day. They are a spoken word poet, writer and artist and their involvement in arts communities in Seattle and nationally have given them the ability to learn more, expect more and be more. At Ingersoll, they hope to support existing programs like the Weekly All Trans Support Group and build programs by matching what Ingersoll can provide and listening to what the community needs. They can be reached at ebo@ingersollgendercenter.org.


Grayson Crane

Economic Justice Coordinator

Grayson Crane is excited to be working with their communities as Ingersoll’s Economic Justice Coordinator. As part of their work, they will be directly supporting community members navigating housing and employment. They will also be working with employers to build a more trans friendly employment system. Grayson hails from the East Coast and currently lives in South Pierce County on a small farm. They bring knowledge of management and small-business experience alongside advocacy with incarcerated folks to the plate. Grayson is thrilled to work with other trans folks, and is dedicated to building a world where trans people are thriving and accessing their full creativity and potential. You can reach Grayson via email at grayson@ingersollgendercenter.org.


Karter Booher

Executive Director

After being on the Board of Directors here at Ingersoll, Karter became our first full time staffer in our forty years and executive director in 2017. Karter has over a decade of experience in community organizing, nonprofit management and programming. Originally from Alaska, Karter is a proud graduate of Pacific Lutheran University and Pride Foundation Scholar. When not supporting trans and gender nonconforming communities you will most likely find Karter facetiming with their adorable nieces, cooking for friends and family, listening to podcasts, supporting the Sounders with their partner or playing with their adorable pups, Dobby and Hagrid. You can reach Karter via email at karter@ingersollgendercenter.org.


Mattie Mooney

Healthcare Access Coordinator

Mattie is Ingersoll Gender Center's Healthcare Access Coordinator. They can typically be found laughing at inside jokes with their little human, 9 year old Zaiya Rylee and planning their next getaway/world takeover with their partner Nanta. Here at Ingersoll they can be found helping community members find gender affirming care, navigate insurance enrollment and denials, and working with Ingersoll's provider consult group on ways to improve and expand access to gender affirming healthcare for the tgnc community. They are extremely passionate about tgnc healthcare because they believe that marginalization by the healthcare community leads to poor health outcomes and increased health disparities for the tgnc community. If you are looking for help in accessing healthcare, finding a provider, questions about how you or your workplace can learn about how to effectively provide gender affirming care or any general healthcare questions Mattie would love to speak with you at mattie@ingersollgendercenter.org.

Ingersoll Board of Directors bios coming soon. Not pictured here: Jodi O'Brien and Sonny Nguyen