Housing Justice Survey

What is this Survey About?

Ingersoll is partnering with several community organizations (UTOPIA, GSBA, POCAAN, Gay City, Seattle Counseling Services, Gender Odyssey, and TRANSForm Washington) to form the Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition. Working in coalition, we have been engaging in advocacy, leadership development, and asking big questions about what Economic Justice looks like for our communities.


As part of Ingersoll’s work, we have been working with a group of Housing Justice Fellows to begin addressing housing inequities in our communities. As part of our work we have created a community survey to better understand the barriers and resources our communities use. This survey will give us an essential snapshot of our community as we are navigating the housing crisis in Seattle, King County, Pierce County and beyond.

What's Next?

With this survey in hand, we will continue to advocate and develop meaningful resources for our communities. One of those resources will be our Shelter and Housing Resource Guide which will connect community members to resources and support self-advocacy while navigating the housing system in Seattle.

Included in the guide will be resources around housing, food, basic needs, and community connections. The guide will offer support in thinking through self-advocacy and accountability.  This guide will be a tangible resource and piece for our systems level advocacy.

Please reach out to our Economic Justice Coordinator at housing@ingersollgendercenter.org if you have questions!

Who is this Survey for?

 This survey is intended for trans and gender diverse folks who have experienced homelessness or who are currently homeless. For purposes of this survey, we are defining homelessness as being without stable or permanent housing.




For further questions, comments, or concerns, please email us at info@ingersollgendercenter.org. If you need support taking this survey, or support with navigating housing resources please reach out to us at housing@ingersollgendercenter.org