2020 Census and #icounT

 2020 Census Timeline:

    • July 31, 2020: Final day to submit Census response
    • December 2020: The Census Bureau delivers apportionment counts to the President and Congress as required by law.
    • March 31, 2021: By this date, the Census Bureau will send redistricting counts to states. This information is used to redraw legislative districts based on population changes.

To learn more about the Census, visit: 

Queer the Census WA | Example Census Survey | US Census Site

Queer the Census : National LGBTQ Task Force : An Intro to the Census : WA Report

Census Questions Regarding Gender:

Gender Options?
The 2020 Census asks for each individual’s sex - male and female. We acknowledge the range of expression of biological sex that this binary excludes like intersex individuals, as well as fails to encapsulate our social gender identities - such as trans-/cis-man, trans-/cis-woman, non-binary, genderfluid, agender, 2-Spirit, and more. At this time, we have no indication that a Census worker will contact you or come to your address if you do not answer the “sex” question. However, the Census is constitutionally required, so we encourage the community to complete all questions.

While non-binary is not an option for the 2020 Census, we encourage community members to fill out the 2020 Census as accurate and truthfully as possible, and separately take part in our #icounT Trans Tally.

Legal name?
The Census is constitutionally required to be completed by all of those who live in the U.S. The Census is to be completed as accurately and truthfully as possible, so we encourage folks to write in the name that most truly reflects their affirmed self.

Legal gender?
You don’t have to put down the gender that is legally recorded on your birth certificate or state I.D. Whatever gender option is most truthful to you, we encourage you to pick.

#icounT Trans Tally

The goal of the Census is to count everyone living in the United States, however certain communities are undercounted. This is not the first time we have seen federal government systems and services fail to reach and support communities in need.

The goal of this campaign is to get an estimated count of transgender and gender diverse community members and a visual representation of where we are in the state of Washington (and potentially the United States!)

While there is the ability for our queer identities to be represented via household relationships, as an organization that centers self-determination of every individual in their own right, we believe we, as trans gender and gender diverse individuals, deserve the right to be seen as who we are.

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We encourage you to complete the 2020 Census. Please find out more info about our work with the Census via our coalition website, Queer the Census WA


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