Ingersoll Gender Center
COVID-19 Response Programs

Job Board

Our Job Board is meant for transgender and gender diverse folks seeking employment and training opportunities in and outside of Seattle and King County. As a resource center, we frequently receive recruitment opportunities from local businesses and community partners. As we continue to provide direct service support, we want to continue to support the economic empowerment of our community by making these career opportunities readily accessible to folks.

Visit our job board here.

Trans Peer Support Group

Our trans led peer support group has been meeting every week no matter the weather or holidays for over 40 years. Our peer support groups provide a great place for trans folks, gender nonconforming and questioning folks, friends, family and community allies to come together for information and mutual support.

To join this week's support group, register here.

Resource Database

Finding resources and services that are inclusive of transgender and gender diverse folks’ needs can be a difficult task. Our Resource Referral database is a collection of organizations, support groups, and more across WA that provide resources and services to transgender and gender diverse people. Our hope is that this database is just the starting point for getting you connected to resources.

Visit our Resource Database here.

Virtual Events

We know that not everyone has a safe home to stay in and that many of us are feeling the weight of being so physically distant from our community. We are working with partner organizations and local artists to host on-going events. To make sure you don’t miss any of these online events make sure that you follow us on social media and check out our calendar.