The Ingersoll Support Group is a trans led support group that has met every week for over 2,250 weeks in a row. We meet every Wednesday night at 7:00pm. Click here to find out more about what we're up to.

You can be it if you can't see it! Come join us as we read books by, for or about trans and gender diverse people

Join us each Saturday for a safe place to meet and build community with other trans and gender diverse folks.

Find out more about our work with health care providers to increase access to quality gender affirming care to our communities.

Do you need more skills and support to stand with trans and gender diverse people? Find out more about the trainings we offer here

We are committed to providing economic justice resources to transgender and gender non-conforming community members.

Ingersoll can provide financial assistance for our community members in crisis. Receive financial support with amending ID documents, gender affirming clothing and emergency HRT support.