Update from Ingersoll Board of Directors, July 16 2021

Earlier this year, Ingersoll Gender Center’s Board of Directors hired an independent investigator from a private law firm. Current and former members of Ingersoll staff, board, and volunteers were interviewed to arrive at findings and recommendations that the Board and Staff has now received.  

A brief message from the Ingersoll Gender Center Board of Directors: 

“We know that the last year has been difficult, and acknowledge the length of time the investigation has taken. Now that the investigation is finished, we are committed to understanding and addressing the findings, and to using them as guides for moving forward. This week we shared the findings with Ingersoll’s staff, and beginning soon we will meet to start discussions about the findings and our future as an organization in continued service to trans and gender diverse community.

Our next chapter is one of collaboration – working together as a board and staff to drive Ingersoll into our collective future. In this, we are committed to making more deliberate decisions about how we grow and where we put our resources so that we can more fully support employees and better serve our community. And we are committed to prioritizing, as a formal and ongoing part of Ingersoll, our growth as an anti-racist organization.

By prioritizing these goals, alongside the guidance of the findings’ recommendations, we hope to build this organization into what it really can be. As a Board, we are committed to doing this because we believe in Ingersoll’s larger mission of service – we believe in the good work that we have done, and in the greater work that we must now begin.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.”

Please direct questions, comments, or concerns to board@ingersollgendercenter.org