Robert P. Allred, Ph.D.

Clinic Name:


Street Address:

403 East Meeker St

Kent, WA

Phone Number:
Does this provider identify as transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary or otherwise not cisgender?


Does this provider identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual or otherwise not heterosexual?


Does this provider identify as a person of color?


What are this provider's credentials?

Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


Mental Health

Speciality Notes:

Intergrated Behavioral Health

Sliding Scale:



Most - Call for more information

Does this provider accept Medicaid?


What Medicaid plans do they work with?

Amerigroup Amerigroup WA BHP Apple Health ABP Adults Apple Health Certification Apple Health Certification Tacoma Apple Health Childrens FFS Apple Health CHIP Apple Health Disability Claims Apple Health Family Planning Apple Health HIV Case Management Apple Health Infant Case Management Apple Health Infant On Moms PIC Apple Health Infant On S Moms PIC Apple Health Medical Apple Health Medicare Crossover Apple Health OB Apple Health S Women OB Apple Health Spenddown Apple Health Take Charge CHPW Apple Health Adult CHPW Apple Health BD (Blind Disabled) CHPW Apple Health Family CHPW Apple Health FC (Foster Children) CHPW Apple Health Not Assigned CHPW Apple Health Premium Coordinated Care Coordinated Care BHP Coordinated Care Health Home Coordinated Care Not Assign To Practice Molina BHP Molina BHP Plus Molina CHIP Molina Health Care Molina Health Not Practice Assigned Molina HO Molina HO Adults Molina HO Blind And Disabled Molina Infant On Moms PIC Other Apple Health Not Assigned

Does this provider accept Medicare?


This provider has expertise in working with these particular populations:

Communities of Faith|active drug users|people in recovery|Non-English Speaking Communities|Refugees|Immigrants

Any languages, besides English, that the provider speaks:

We offer interpretation services in a wide range of languages.

How long has this provider been treating transgender and gender nonconforming patients?

2 years

Extra steps beyond informed consent required to access gender affirming care:

Response not available.

Does this provider use intake forms which include a patient's chosen name (as opposed to their legal name) and gender pronouns?


Does this clinic have protocols for tracking chosen name in the medical record, and using this name in all communications with patient?


Does this clinic have gender neutral bathrooms?


Description of bathrooms:

Single stall

Is this clinic ADA Compliant?


Have the staff members completed any transgender competency training?


Have the staff members completed any racial justice or anti-racist training?