Ingersoll Board of Directors Statement, March 17 2021

The Ingersoll Gender Center Board of Directors is aware of the accusations of misconduct that have been made regarding the organization. We take these issues very seriously and have authorized a complete professional investigation into all matters. The investment the community has made in Ingersoll and the liberation of all trans people, especially and including Black trans people, is central to our work—and we remain committed to holding ourselves and the organization accountable to the highest standards of service.

Ingersoll, founded in 1977, is a community-based support organization for the transgender community. We have grown from our very humble beginnings as a local peer support group to now including services for health care and policy advocacy. We value the over four decades of work that has been put in by our volunteers, staff, and donors. We are committed to honoring their legacy by ensuring we live up to our vision of “a world that nurtures healthy communities free from violence, centers self-determination for all people, and celebrates all gender identities and expressions”.

We thank the community for its 44 years of investment in Ingersoll Gender Center. We stand on the shoulders of giants in this work and are committed to accountability at every level of the organization.