Employer - Job Listing Submissions

Our Job Board is meant for transgender and gender diverse folks seeking employment and training opportunities in and outside of Seattle and King County. As a resource center, we frequently receive recruitment opportunities from local businesses and community partners. As we continue to provide direct service support at our office on Capitol Hill, we want to continue to support the economic empowerment of our community by making these career opportunities readily accessible to folks who aren’t able to visit us in person.

To submit a job listing to our Job Board please fill out the submission form below. Employers with approved profiles will see their job listings reflected on the job within 5-7 business days. If you have not filled out an Employer Profile application, please do so before submitting a listing. 


Ingersoll also offers employer support through our training and technical assistance programming and community job fairs. Employers partnering on our job board will receive invitation to our community job fairs and other opportunities. 

Please join Ingersoll in helping transgender folks in getting and keeping safer employment in the region. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at jobs@ingersollgendercenter.org or (206)849-7859.

What is a Transition plan?

A transition plan refers to  transitioning guidelines employers may include for gender diverse staff in their employee manual or other human resource policies as well as policies and guidelines in place to uphold and support protections afforded to gender diverse people in the workplace.