Accessing Trans Specific Healthcare Through Medicaid Shouldn't be Scary…

But for many trans and gender diverse community members accessing gender affirming care via Medicaid (Apple Health) and Medicare means denials and non covered services lists. It means fear that medically necessary and life saving treatments or procedures may not be covered. 

For those trying to get services covered under the "exception to the rule" process; it also means having only one chance to appeal to the state as to why what you need is medically necessary. It’s knowing that if your appeal is denied under (“exception to the rule”), that you lose any hope of being able to appeal for that procedure or treatment ever again.

For many of us, this is our reality. Our medical fate is often in the hands of people who do not bare the emotional, mental, or physical weight, of their decisions about our care.

Ingersoll Gender Center along with the Coalition for Inclusive Healthcare is looking for trans and gender diverse community stories & experiences with accessing gender affirming care through Washington State Medicaid (Apple Health) or Medicare. 

  • Have you been denied under “exception to the rule”, even when you maintained that your safety was at stake? 
  • Have you been approved for a treatment or procedure, only to be denied and required to submit additional paperwork or medical/mental health letters? 
  • Have you experienced trauma, harm, or stress in navigating access to gender affirming care through Medicaid (Apple Health).
  • Have you chosen to opt out of accessing gender affirming care due to past experiences with Medicaid/Medicare?
  • Have you experienced a lack of Medicaid/Medicare contracted providers for your gender affirming surgery or procedure?

We want to hear your #TransHealthcareScare

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